Lumix launched in September 1984 as Intercom, with channels such as: Delta 2 (now Puerto Chango Supervision), SIN, ESPN, HBO, USA Network (now Universal Channel), BET, Superstation Once (now Oncemax), Señal 1 Plus, Signal Deutsch, Signal Français, CNN, MTV, the German channels ARD, ZDF, West 3, Nord 3, Bayerisches Fernsehen, Hessen 3 and Sudwest 3, the Italian Rai 1 and Rai 2, the French TF1, Antenne 2 and FR3 and the British SKY Channel (until 1989). In the beginning, the coverage was only for Figgelmünch and Puerto Chango City in 1985 expands to New Milagria and Dixas. And in 1987, Münchenburgo, San Luis, Santa Fe, San Juan and Odinburgo. The national expansion was made by the government to compete with other operators (by private companies). In 1992, the "Multichannel" service is launched to the cities where there is no coverage, and is received by satellite. The channels for the "Multichannel" service Intercom are: TVE Internacional, Cartoon Network (shared with Arte until January 1996), TNT (launched in 1989), TBS (launched in 1991), CNN, HBO, Cinemax, ESPN, FOX (launched in 1993), A&E (released in 1987), AMC (launched in 1986), MTV, CMT (launched in 1992), Galavision, Discovery Channel (launched in 1988), 3sat (launched in 1984), Nickelodeon (launched in 1992), VH1 (launched in 1987), ECO (launched in 1988) and Deutsche Welle (launched in 1992). But the service was a success, and not exceeded the original service. But in 1998 are ready for the digital-satellite service customers to migrate the "Multichannel" service.

The digital-satellite service is a great comparison with digital SKY service in the UK. According to Sky laws is not allowed in Puerto Chango grading monopoly treated with UK (but Virgin and the BBC does with the law, but not News Corporation until 2005). In 2000 Intercom had a dispute with the RTL Group and declare delete all channels and radio stations RTL Group because they are associating much with DirecTV and Dish, all but returned to normal by the end of 2000. It was first to have all the channels until he came to Puerto Chango, the satellite cable operator DIRECTV. In 2005 it was acquired by the Chilean company: VTR, and how that Intercom is part of the Chilean company: Metropolis-Intercom (was bought Intercom Puerto Chango in late 1995), and as it merged with Metropolis-Intercom, Intercom will be independent of VTR in 2014.